Ok Ryan,

Download the file at this link – CANADIAN EXAM

Ok, not too sure how savvy you are with navigating with your computer.

But you want to goto this folder (Except you will have to goto your user names, this one is mine on my computer)


So if your computers username is Ryan or PC1 you would have either, you can also find your username by going to the C:\USERS\ folder that one itself is not hidden.

either way, if you click on the explorer you can copy and paste the folder path, the folder is hidden so you will have to do this either way and type the user name in that spot.
Step 1, CLICK START, than Computer

STEP 2, Click the adress bar in the open window

Step 3, Copy the file path to the bar that was up above WITH YOUR USERNAME! (Which is found in C:/Users/


Extra the folder from the ZIP file and copy it to that location.

THAN try to run exam setup from the USB again.

Let me know brother!