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Apprenticeship – Training for
the Future

IBEW Local 303 members are committed to training the next generation of journeymen. In partnership with NPECA and the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities a Local Joint Apprenticeship Council has been established to oversee the apprenticeship program. Volunteer representatives from both organizations:

  • Develop the program standards for new candidates
  • Conduct an annual review on each apprentice in the system which includes on the job performance, attitude, ability and placement at trade school
  • Act as mentor for problems or issues on the job
  • Monitor all mandatory safety and skills training
  • Oversees apprentices’ progress to ensure that our training produces the journeymen
    needed for our industry’s future

Our apprentices have excelled in provincial and national skills competitions.

Summary of Benefits

When you join us, this is what you get!

Active Members (have not drawn their Local 303 pension)

Member Life Insurance

To age 65 or earlier retirement: $40,000
if not retired at age 65, life insurance reduces to $10,000;
and if not retired at age 70, life insurance reduces to $5,000

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

To age 65 or earlier retirement: $40,000

Dependent Life

Spouse: $10,000
Child from 14 days to age 21 (age 25 if full-time student): $5,000

Weekly Disability

$435 per week
Benefits are integrated with the Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits and are payable to you from:

  • the 1st day if your disability is due to an accidental injury
  • the 1st day if you are hospitalized
  • the 8th day if your disability is due to an illness

Benefits are payable for a maximum of 26 weeks and terminate at retirement.

Long Term Disability

$1,400 per month
Benefits are payable to you following a 26 week waiting period and would not be payable beyond age 65 or earlier retirement.

Major Medical

Provides coverage for you and your eligible dependents

  • Eligible expenses are reimbursed at 100%
  • The Lifetime maximum per person is $500,000

Prescription Drugs

The plan pays for drugs that legally require a prescription

Vision Care

The plan pays $300 per person in any period of 24 consecutive months

Eye Exams

The plan pays $50 per person in any period of 24 consecutive months

Paramedical Practitioners

Coverage of a certified, registered or licensed physiotherapist, speech therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, massage therapist or clinical psychologist, subject to a maximum benefit of $500 in any calendar year per specialty per insured individual.

Private Duty Nursing

The plan pays $10,000 per calendar year

Hearing Aids

The plan pays $350 per person in any period of 24 consecutive months

Dental Care

Provides coverage for you and your eligible dependents

  • There is a deductible of $50 single or family in a calendar year
  • A pre-assessment is required for any treatment over $400
  • Eligible expenses are reimbursed based on the Ontario Dental Association fee guide that is 1 year behind the current fee schedule.

Basic Services

The plan reimburses 100% of eligible expenses for basic (routine) services

Major Restorative

The plan reimburses 80% of eligible expenses for major restorative services


The plan reimburses 50% of eligible expenses for dependent children between the ages of 6 and 19.


The maximum payable in a calendar year for basic and major restorative services combined is $2,000 per insured individual.
There is a Lifetime Maximum of $2,000 per child for Orthodontics

Emergency Travel Assist (ETA)

You are covered for a period of 90 days when traveling outside your province of residence. Coverage terminates at age 70 or earlier retirement.